The BTI Client Service 30 set the standard by which clients measure all law firms. See the complete BTI Client Service 30.

Corporate counsel identify the 336 law firms delivering the absolute best client service in the new BTI Client Service A-Team 2014. This year’s list is evidence of a resurgence in client service excellence.

The BTI Client Service A-Team evaluates individual law firm performance through the eyes of the client. No law firms influence the results, submit nominations or provide client names. The research is independent and unbiased. The client—the most important judge of client service—solely decides which law firms are best at the 17 activities driving superior client relationships.


Inside You'll Discover

Corporate Counsel Rank Law Firm Client Service—by Name

  • 50% of the law firms serving large clients are missing in action
  • 30 firms perform 5 to 15 times better than everyone else
  • Who they are—by name—and what they do best
  • See exactly where you stand compared to:
    • Peer firms
    • Aspirational firms
    • The real market leaders

Direct Client Feedback

The 2014 BTI Client Service 30



The BTI Client Service A-Team 2014 gives you the facts to boost client service based on actual client feedback.
Win more work from high-spending clients with insight into:

  • Your firm's specific strengths
  • Isolating competitive weakness to your advantage
  • Targeting resources to the most strategic activities
  • Your firm's private, customized Client Service Score Spotlight—against up to 8 competitors
  • The only ranking based 100% on direct client feedback

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